MAC Creme Cup Lipstick Dupe!

Hi Guys! Hope you are having a good weekend! Today’s post is another MAC lipstick dupe! Creme Cup is one of MAC’s best selling lipsticks. It goes with all skintones, and is a nude-pink color. The formula of this lipstick is a Cremesheen, which is really shiny and moisturizing on the lips.

I was going through my lipsticks and I saw this Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust For Blush, and it reminded me of my coveted MAC Creme Cup, so I decided to give it the ol’ swatcheroo.


20130629-122841.jpgCreme Cup on top, Lust For Blush on bottom.

They are pretty darn close! On the lips, they look exactly the same. The Lust For Blush is shinier and more sheer than Creme Cup.


Here they are on my lips, Creme Cup is on my top lip, Lust For Blush is on the bottom. It doesn’t really look like I have lipstick on, because these lipsticks pretty much match my natural lip color exactly! But, they do give me some sheen, which I love.


The best part? Creme Cup is $15 at MAC, and you can find Lust For Blush pretty much at any drugstore. I paid around $6 at Walgreens! What a deal!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading!

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