Best Online Shopping Websites

Hi Guys! Although I LOVE going shopping…I mean, who doesn’t? The bright lights, the new freshly folded clothes, the mannequins dressed perfectly, and the thrill of walking out with that brand new shopping bag full of goodies…its pretty amazing. LOL. But, sometimes I like to shop online too! I have come up with my TOP 5 most favorite places to shop online. Enjoy!



This is my favorite shop of all. This is is a Flash-sale site, so they have different events every day. I am in Texas, so the events start at 10 am here. You can view upcoming events by brand, so you can set your alarm to remind you to get on if there is something you want. You have to get on the website early because things sell out fast. I have gotten some great deals on this website. They are owned by Nordstrom, so most of what they have are Nordstrom brands. They have everything from clothing, accessories, home goods, shoes, and beauty products, and they even have clothes and things for men and kids. They have great customer service, and they have an app for ipad and iphone. Check it out!



This website shows a different completed outfit everyday, and you can buy the entire outfit, or you can just buy the certain pieces that you like separately. I like this website because it is reasonably priced, and it gives me ideas for outfits. They always have the latest trends, and the outfits are adorable.



This place is THE BEST for accessories. They have jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, hats, belts, bags…anything you need to complete an outfit. Everything is super cheap too!



Do I really need to explain here? You know you love Forever21. The website has everything that the stores have, without the clutter! The shipping is really fast, too.



I love this website. First off, free shipping. On anything, all the time. Most of the time, its next day shipping too! They have clothes, shoes, bags..and they have men and kids stuff too. You can find some really great deals.

Where do you guys like to shop? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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