Crazy Bag Lady

Now, when it comes to shopping, my motto is always,

“If you love something, you can’t set it free.”

What it means is, if you see something you like at a store, and you really want it…DON’T SET IT FREE! You have to buy it right then, or else it may not be there next time! This has happened too many times to me in the past, and so I never let it happen anymore! When I am out shopping and I see something I like, I usually just buy it. I am quite the impulse shopper, especially when it comes to bags…they are my weakness. I just whisper to myself, “YOLO!” to make myself feel better. haha.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I was at the mall spending some of the money that I got for my birthday, and of course, I had spent it all when I saw this bag. It was a brown tote bag covered in gold and brown fringe. Now, let me just tell you, I have spent MY WHOLE LIFE looking for the perfect fringed bag. I love fringe, I don’t know why, I just love it. It is hard to find a fringe bag that doesn’t look cheap though. I have always been into that whole, hippie-boho-music festival- type of look. So I saw this bag, and it was perfect. Now ordinarily, I would have just bought the bag and been done with it. Haha. But, my husband was with me, and he had just given me a new bag THAT MORNING for my birthday, that I had been really wanting. So, I just said “oh, this is cute” and in my mind I was thinking, “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS BAG! DONT SET IT FREE, DONT SET IT FREEEEE!”

But, alas, I set it free.

Now, that was two weeks ago, and I have not forgotten about that damn bag. So today, I decide to take Allie to the mall to go play on the indoor playground they have there. (And to go visit the bag.) So, I go into Dillard’s, fully intending to pay the $88 for this bag…and what do I see?

A pink discount sticker! SCOREEEEE!!! Marked down from $88 to $61.60! AHHH! So I am doing my victory dance for all to see when the Sales lady comes over and says, “Oh, Maam, those bags are all 40% off the sale price! Let me know if you need any help”

40% off?!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It is meant to be. I have to have this bag in my life. I ended up paying $40.01 including tax. What a deal! Don’t you love when this type of stuff happens? It seriously makes my life.


My new bag and I are going to have a wonderful life together.


If you are interested in this bag, it is the brand Steve Madden, and it is a Vegan bag (no leather), and it comes in a black and also a cream color. I have seen it at Dillards, Macy’s, and Belk. They also have it on Zappos for the original $88.

Leave a comment below telling me about some crazy deals that y’all have scored!

Have a great weekend 🙂

6 thoughts on “Crazy Bag Lady”

  1. Super cute!!! I once got a pair of beautiful, purple, strappy sandals from Nordstrom Rack for $9!!! Including tax!!!! It was crazy!

  2. Cute! What a great deal… In another related thought, my bf & I were in Best Buy once and I was testing some speakers. Because no one was around I decided to dance in public, I looked at my boyfriend who buckled over laughing at me. I turned around to find a chuckling guy standing right next to me looking at something down the aisle!!! …Ugh, that was embarrassing. LOL.

  3. Several years ago, 10 to be exact, I scored a great deal. She is a crazy bag lady but I love her (and her bucket full of bags). Great deal babe!!!

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