Fall & Winter Nail Polish Picks!


Hi everyone! Today I have a post about my favorite nail polishes to use in fall and winter.

1. OPI “California Raspberry”

This is a reddish-pink color with some shimmer to it. You only need one coat of this nail polish for it to be opaque, and the color doesn’t streak.

2. Essie “Merino Cool”

This color is a taupe-y gray color, and looks great with any outfit. Although this color is a cream and doesn’t have any shimmer to it, it goes on a little streaky, so you have to use a couple of coats. I always get compliments when I wear this polish.

3. Sephora By OPI “Keep Me On My Mistletoes”

This is a shimmery gold color that is sooo pretty. This would be a great polish to wear for a holiday party since it has so much sparkle.

4. Loreal “Paparazzi Pleaser”

This is a pretty, creamy purple color. Loreal’s nail polishes are really good and have great color payoff. I usually only need one coat of this nail polish for it to look great.

5. Orly “Lucky Duck”

This is a nice kelly green color. It goes on smooth and creamy, and it would be great for Christmas!

What’s on your nails?

Thanks for reading!

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