A Poem to the “Arctic Blast”

It’s the second day of the “Arctic Blast”,
how long is this shiz gonna last?

No one can leave their home,
cause the ice won’t let them roam.

Businesses are closed, the city is shut down,
people are sliding all over town.

All I want to do is shop,
but all I can do is hop.
Down the street I go,
crushing the ice,
I sure hope I don’t fall on my face twice.

Oh Target, how I miss you so,
this ice sure does look like snow.
But don’t be fooled, it’s hard as a rock,
the kids are sliding around down the block.

No need for makeup, I have a bare face,
I’m going crazy in this freakin’ place!

I want to go to Walgreens,
but that will be a hike,
because it is 15 degrees outside.
I wish I could ride my bike!

As I look out my window to plan my escape,
I realize all I have to eat in the fridge is a grape.

I hope this ice melts soon,
so when I walk outside I don’t slip and slide like a goon.

Oh Arctic Blast, please go away,
you’re no longer welcome to stay.


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