SLEEK Storm Palette – Review + Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have a review for you on something I have been using almost every day. This is the Sleek i-Divine Storm Mineral Eye Shadow Palette.

Inside this palette there are 12 mineral eye shadows, perfect for creating many daytime or nighttime looks!

The shadows do not have names, so I will describe them the best that I can!

20140129-195439.jpgTop Row
From left to right:
1. This is a shimmery gold color with some brown to it. This is a great color to use all over the lid by itself, or blended with other colors.

2. This color is a shimmery champagne-pearl color that is a perfect inner corner highlight shade.

3. This is a matte, light brown shade similar to MAC’s Wedge. This is a great transition or crease color.

4. This color looks the same as #1 in the swatch, but in person it is a lot more yellow-toned than the first one. It is a true shimmery gold color.

5. This color is the reason I bought this palette. It is a beautiful, shimmery rose gold color that makes your eyes look so bright. I love this color.

6. This last color is a shimmery brown color with a hint of red to it, it looks almost burgundy in the pan but is a great color to use to deepen up your look.

20140129-200338.jpg Bottom row

1. This first color is a dark, shimmery, bronze color and is one of my most used colors for smudging under the lashline.

2. This color is a dark, shimmery, silver color. This shade is very similar to MAC’s Knight Divine.

3. The next color is unlike any other colors I’ve ever seen. It is a shimmery, hunter green color. It shows up a lot more green in person, but it is a wearable green color, not a scary green! This looks beautiful on the eyes.

4. This is a midnight blue shimmery color with a little bit of pink sheen to it. It’s really pretty.

5. This is another matte brown, but a deeper brown. This is a good shade for deepening up the crease, and this would make a great eyebrow color for brunettes.

6. This last color is a matte black. I always like having a black shade in eyeshadow palettes because you can use it as liner, or to deepen up any eye look.

I like this palette because:

-It is small, only measuring 5’6 in x 3 in, (the shades are about the size of a nickel) so it is great for travel or putting in your purse.
-The colors are velvety soft and pigmented.
-The shades are very unique from others that I own, but all of them are wearable colors.
-You can create tons of different eye looks, anything for daytime or nighttime.
-This palette is very affordable, it retails for $11.99.

Sleek Makeup is not sold in the U.S., as it is a U.K. brand, but you can purchase it directly from the Sleek website here.

I would not recommend purchasing this palette from Amazon. I purchased my palette there and it was not packaged correctly, and one of the shadows was crumbled since they only packaged it in bubble wrap. Definitely order directly from Sleek to ensure that your palette is in good condition.

Have you tried this palette or plan on picking it up? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

xoxo, Amy

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