Empties (Products I’ve Used Up) 2/14


Hi friends! Y’all ready to see some trash? Today I am going to show you the products I have used up in the past couple of months. I’m going to let you know what I thought of them, and if I would re-purchase or try them again!


Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo – This shampoo has been featured in a couple of my previous posts. I use this as a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of any buildup in my hair. It leaves your hair squeaky clean, it’s cheap, and it smells like green apples!
Re-purchase? YES

Herbal Essences Happy Go Lather Body Wash with Rose Extract – I bought this because I LOVE the smell of the Herbal Essences hair products. This body wash smells just like them, and the smell lingers on your body all day.
Re-purchase? YES

Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Dry Shampoo – This has also been featured in a couple of my previous posts. This is my favorite dry shampoo. It leaves your hair clean, volumized, and smelling good!
Re-purchase? YES

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave In Product – This stuff is amazing. It does 10 different things for your hair, (heat protectant, conditions, detangles…etc) and it smells soo good! I have purchased the bigger size already.
Re-purchase? YES


Almay Intense i-Color Eyeliner, Brown Topaz – This eyeliner is a bronze colored retractable pencil liner. It was a very pretty color and lasted long, but the texture was pretty hard and it was impossible to sharpen to a fine point.
Re-purchase? NO

MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash – I got this as a sample at MAC with my order, and I really did not like the smell of it. I am really picky about mascara, and this one was a flop. It did nothing for my lashes and wouldn’t hold the curl.
Re-purchase? NO

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Mascara – This will be in every empties post. Lol. This is the best mascara of life, and I’ve said it many times. Volumizing, lengthening, holds a curl…etc. I have an embarrassing amount of unopened ones stashed away. If they ever stop making this, I will cry. Haha
Re-purchase? YES

Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara – Well, Elizabeth…it ain’t that big. I used this mascara once, and in my empties bin it went. This did nothing for my lashes, and the brush is weird.
Re-purchase? NO

ELF Eyelid Primer – I used this as an eyeshadow base to keep my eyeshadows on all day without creasing. This is colorless and smoothes in nicely. Hey, for $1, it’s pretty darn good.
Re-purchase? YES

Rimmel Match Perfection Highlighting Concealer in Light – This is more like a cream highlight and not a concealer. It doesn’t have enough pigment in it to cover my dark circles, but it is a pretty highlight. It also creased pretty bad underneath my eyes.
Re-purchase? NO

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15 – This was my top concealer for 2013 for good reason. You can use this concealer so many ways, under the eyes, as tinted moisturizer, and on any blemishes or discoloration. No creasing, ad never looks cakey.
Re-purchase? YES

Benefit It’s Potent Brightening Eye Cream – I liked this eye cream, I got quite a few uses out of this little sample. I didn’t notice any brightening, but it was hydrating and it had a pleasant smell. It also didn’t burn my eyes, which is a plus.
Re-purchase? YES

Agave Healing Oil Treatment – Have any of you guys tried this? This stuff is freaking amazing! Why have I never heard of this before? I got two uses out of this sample, and I plan on going to Sephora and shelling out the big bucks for this. It smells like heaven- coconutty, piña colada heaven. I applied this to damp hair and then heat-styled my hair, and whoa. I could not stop touching my hair, it was soo soft and shiny. I really like this.
Re-purchase? YES

Alright, so that’s it for my empties! I can’t wait to go throw all this in the recycle bin. Isn’t that such a good feeling to use up products? I love it.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great week!

xoxo, Amy

6 thoughts on “Empties (Products I’ve Used Up) 2/14”

  1. I NEED to try the it’s a 10! I’ve heard it’s pretty expensive so I just need to bite the bullet. I love the Mac Pro longwear concealer too. It will be hard for my to ever wear anything else under my eyes. And for some reason I am not a huge fan of the rocket mascara. I got the waterproof so maybe it’s not as good as the original.. 😦

    1. It is expensive, but they have a little 2 oz bottle that you can buy to try it out! I also love the Pro Longwear, it is so perfect. I haven’t tried the waterproof Rocket, but I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on that mascara. I think the perfect mascara is so hard to find, especially because there are so many different kinds!

    1. Thanks! It is a good eye cream. I only had the little sample, but I would purchase it. It’s really hydrating, it takes a long time to sink in, which I like, and it doesn’t make your eye area feel tight or dry.

  2. I wasn’t a fan of the it’s a 10 spray, probably because I’m more of an oil/serum girl and it left my hair feeling oddly gunky. Maybe I can send the remaining product to someone who will use it, you? LOL. That healing oil sounds amazing though!!! Ever since I picked up Eve Pearl’s under eye concealer, I haven’t been able to consider using anything else, it’s my HG.

    1. If you like serums and oils, you will love that Agave treatment! It smells just like the Kenra hair products if you have ever smelled those. I have heard so much about that Eve Pearl concealer! I need to check it out.

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