My Favorite Makeup Brushes


Hi there! Today I am going to tell you about my favorite makeup brushes. I think having the right brushes that work for you can really make a difference in your makeup! It’s nice to have good quality brushes that won’t fall apart and are soft on your skin.



  • Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – This brush is my favorite to use for liquid foundation. It doesn’t soak up too much product, and it helps to blend your foundation in quickly without any streaks.
  • Crown Brush Powder Brush – This is a big, soft, fluffy brush that I love for applying powder. It doesn’t shed, and it’s pink!
  • Sigma Small Contour Brush F05 – This is a great brush to use for contouring, it is small, yet just fluffy enough to get your bronzer into the hollows of your cheekbones, down your nose, etc. This brush blends out the powder very easily too. I also use this brush with cream or liquid bronzers, and it works great for that as well.
  • Crown Brush Blush Brush – This is an angled blush brush that is very soft and can be used for the tops of your cheekbones. You can also use this brush for bronzer, but I like using it for blush because of the angled design.



  • Real Techniques Brow Brush – This brush is just perfect for applying a brow powder or you can even use it for eyeliner. I like it for applying eyeshadow underneath my bottom lashline.
  • Sigma Blending E25 Brush – I love to use this brush for placing eyeshadow all over the lid. It is very soft, but dense, so you can get a lot of color on and blend it around quickly.
  • Sigma Tapered Blending E40 Brush – Everyone needs a big fluffy brush to blend out their eyeshadow, and this one is my favorite. Just use this brush in “windshield wiper motions” after you’ve applied your shadow, and you will have perfectly blended color.
  • Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush – I like this brush for blending color into the crease, but I really like it for blending my highlight color below the browbone. It’s dense and has short bristles, so it’s easy to use.
  • Real Techniques
    Setting Brush – I always set my undereye concealer, no matter what kind I wear. I find that it makes it last much longer and this brush is perfect for applying powder lightly under there.

    So, those are my favorite brushes! I hope I helped you if you are looking for a new brush.

    Do you use any of these? What’s your favorite brush?

    Thanks for reading!

    xoxo, Amy

  • 9 thoughts on “My Favorite Makeup Brushes”

      1. Me too!! I got the Crown Brushes as part of a set on, and I just checked and they are on sale there today!

    1. Favorite brush… That’s tough. I bought some Royal & Langnickel brushes at IMATS which are probably my favorite now; I bought a tapered blending brush & an angled eye brush. I was obsessed with the RT shadow & crease brushes until recently.

      1. I am obsessed with the RT brushes too! I haven’t tried any brushes from Royal & Langnickel before, but I will check them out!

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