MAC Lovelorn Lipstick + Dupe

Hey guys!!! Today I have another MAC lipstick dupe for you! These MAC lipstick posts get the most hits on my blog, so I am giving my people what they want! Today’s color is MAC’s Lovelorn.

I have been wearing this color a lot, and it is, I think, the perfect bright pink for my lips and skintone. Sometimes I get tired of wearing a neutral lip color and want to wear something a bit brighter.

This color is a slightly blue toned pink, no shimmer, and I would say it is a lighter and more subtle Barbie pink. I have very fair skin, I usually wear the 2nd lightest shade of foundation (NW15 in MAC), and I find that this pink really works on me! It is a Lustre finish (of course lol), and I feel like it makes my teeth look whiter too!

Ok, so the dupe I found in my collection for this color is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the color Temptress.


20140223-163551.jpgRevlon Temptress on top, MAC Lovelorn on bottom

In this photo, the colors look a lot more coral than they are in person. I think that they are VERY similar though, and they look the same on the lips. The MAC one is just a tad but more shinier, though. Here they are on my lips, Revlon Temptress on top, MAC Lovelorn on bottom.


MAC lipsticks retail for $15, while this Revlon lipstick can be found at any drugstore for about $4. Savin’ money!

Have you tried these colors before?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Amy

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