How To Keep A Toddler Entertained On A Plane

Hi everyone! This post is a little bit different from my normal beauty-type posts, but I want to try and incorporate more lifestyle posts like this into my blog.

We took our 2 1/2 year old on her first airplane ride recently, and I thought it would be fun to show you all what I packed for her to keep her entertained on the plane. I know that this post will appeal to my many mommy readers out there, but even if you aren’t a mom, maybe you can share these ideas with moms that you know!


Backpack – A backpack is good to have for trips because they are able to just carry it on their back so their hands are free. This one is from Gymboree and has a cute smiling flower on the front.
iPad and Headphones – I have a bunch of educational games on the iPad that Allie loves to play. I also got her these headphones that are little and comfortable for her head. You can also download music or movies that they can watch on the plane.
Notebook, Crayons, Stickers – This is Allie’s little notebook that she likes to color and put stickers in. This can keep her entertained for hours. She loves Dora and Disney Princess, so I brought those stickers along.
Baby Wipes and Tissues – Any mom knows that you ALWAYS need these. Tissues for blowing little noses and baby wipes for cleaning up little faces and sticky hands!
Snacks – I brought along some little snacks for her in case she got hungry on the plane. I made sure to include these little suckers to help her ears to pop, and I brought some fruit snacks, raisins, a squeezie, and some graham cookies.

I was so proud of how well she did on the plane. We got lots of compliments about what a well-behaved child we had! That’s a great feeling.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for what to pack for an airplane ride!

I hope you guys liked this post; thanks for reading!

xoxo, Amy

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