Loreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray

Hi everyone! Today I have a review for you on a new styling spray from Loreal. This spray is called the Boost It High Lift Creation Spray.


This spray is a “backcombing finisher” and is supposed to provide “instant lift and fullness”.

Our high performance finishing tool now at your fingertips. Get targeted root application with our unique fan spray for instant lift and fullness and modern backcombing effect. Strong hold boosts body on any style for voluptuous, textured look that lasts.

The directions say to :
Spray 8-12 inches from hair to BOOST IT and texturize for all over fullness. Or spray directly on roots for targeted high root lift. For amplified lift and fullness, use a comb to tease the hair.

I first saw this spray at CVS and I am instantly drawn to anything promising volume or lift, so I had to pick it up! I didn’t notice anything special about the spray nozzle, it just looked like a regular hairspray nozzle to me. I usually curl my hair everyday (or every other day) and I will spray hairspray on the roots and crown after teasing, so I thought this would work great instead of hairspray. Boy, does it.

The way that I use this spray is I wash and dry my hair as usual, and then I curl my hair. After the curls are cooled off, I take my teasing comb and gently backcomb the crown of my hair, and also the sides. While teasing, I hold up the hair, and spray this product right onto my roots where I just teased. It instantly holds the hair in place and I let the hair down and smooth over the top of it with my comb. I then use my regular hairspray to set my curls and keep them in place all day. This spray feels similar to texture as dry shampoo, and had a fresh scent.

I have to say, this works a lot better than hairspray. It instantly adds a ton of volume to hair and lasts all day. I hate the look of flat hair, and I think teased, bigger hair looks better on me. I also like to flip my head over and spray this on the underside of my hair, just to give it some more volume. I love this stuff and I am very pleased with the result it gives! It does exactly what it says on the bottle.

Have you guys picked this up? Let me know your thoughts!

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, Amy

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