Review : Kardashian Beauty Sheer Joy Tinted Lip Balm Duo


Hi everyone! Today I have a review for you on a product I picked up about a week ago that I have been loving! This is the Kardashian Beauty Sheer Joy Tinted Lip Balm Duo. This was on a display at my local Kroger for $4.99, so I figured I would give it a try. I love tinted lip balms, and I am really impressed by these.


The duo comes with two colors, Cherry Kiss and Berry Kiss.

The box says:
Keep this perfect little tube in your pocket to slick on anywhere, anytime and slick it on for the pure joy of it…care for your lips with beautiful, sheer color and a soft, sweet flavor with emollient ingredients that moisturize and condition your lips on the go-without even looking in a mirror.

Here are the swatches:


As you can see, Berry Kiss is a pink-berry color, while Cherry Kiss is a brighter, coral color. These lip balms are very moisturizing, and they last for quite a while! They smell fruity, and remind me of Lip Smackers, except with color. I love these!

You can also find Kardashian Beauty products at CVS and Ulta.

Have you tried these?

thanks for reading!

xoxo, Amy

4 thoughts on “Review : Kardashian Beauty Sheer Joy Tinted Lip Balm Duo”

    1. I know, it seems like everyone is! I really expected not to like these, but I was surprised. 🙂

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