Top 5 Must Have Beauty Tools

Hi guys! Today’s post is all about my top beauty tools that I find essential for applying makeup! I have a separate post on my favorite brushes to apply makeup that you can check out here. This post won’t include any brushes, just some tools that I use every day. These tools make the applying makeup process a lot easier and quicker.



You have to have a good pair of tweezers! I recommend the Tweezerman brand. They are very sharp and pointy, and they are perfect for getting tiny stray brow hairs. I also like to use tweezers to apply false eyelashes. My fingers sometimes get in the way, and picking them up and placing them on the lashline with the tweezers is a lot easier.


I feel like there are a lot of eyelash curlers out there! Each brand has their own, but they all do the same thing. In my opinion, there is no need in spending a lot of money on one. I find that that this is a beauty tool I have to have! My mascara just doesn’t look the same when it’s applied to uncurled lashes. I recommend always curling your eyelashes before applying mascara, that way you won’t lose any eyelashes.


I like to use a spoolie to comb out my eyebrows before I apply my eyebrow product. This really does help to put any unruly brow hairs in place and make the eyebrow-filling-in process a lot easier. I also like to use this after I apply brow powder, because I think it helps blend out the powder better and makes my brows look natural.


Even if you are using a great mascara (ahem, Maybelline Rocket), sometimes your eyelashes still get clumped together. Using an eyelash comb like this one will remove all of the clumps from your lashes and your lashes will look even and pretty!


You can use Q-tips for so many things! My favorite way to use them are for smudging out eyeliner, and you can even use them to apply shadow to your inner corner of your eye to highlight. You can also use them to get into products (like foundation) to get the very last bit out. I also like to use q-tips dipped in some makeup remover to fix any mistakes or smudges that I have made, or to clean up fallout from eyeshadows. The uses for q-tips are endless!

I hope you guys liked this post, what are your must have beauty tools?

thanks for reading!

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