MOMMY Monday : Handprint Sun Craft

Hi everyone! My oldest daughter and I love to do arts and crafts during the day. She loves anything having to do with coloring or painting, so we have fun doing little art projects together in her playroom. Today I wanted to show you a cute project we made so you can make it with your kids! She loved making this and I love anything having to do with hand or foot prints- that way you can save it and look back on it and see how little their prints were! So this is just a sun made out of a paper plate and handprints. My daughter absolutely loved making this and has requested that we make a pink one tomorrow. So here’s how you make it!

What you need:

-yellow and orange construction paper
-yellow paint
-paper plate
-glue stick
-black marker


The first thing you’re going to do is paint the entire back of the paper plate yellow. You want to do this first, so that it has time to dry while you make the handprints.


Next you are going to trace handprints on the yellow and orange paper. We traced six handprints on each page.



Cut out all of the handprints and glue them around the underside of the paper plate (by now the paint will be dry).



Flip it over and you have your sun! But, it needs one last thing- a face!



How cute is this? Allison had so much fun making this, and I hope your kids do too if you try it out!

Thanks for reading! xx

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