NAKED Flushed Palette in Streak : Review + Swatches


Hi guys! Urban Decay is one of my favorite makeup brands, I really love their eyeshadows and their eyeliners. When I saw that they released the Naked Flushed palette, I went and checked it out, but decided it wasn’t for me because of the bronzer. Having fair skin, the right bronzer is very hard to find. It was too dark, and looked orange on my skin. So imagine my joy when I found out that Urban Decay released 3 new Flushed color palettes. The original palette is called Naked, and they released Streak, Native, and Strip this summer. Each of these palettes have different colors and tones. I decided that Streak was the palette for me, and that this little baby needed to be mine.


So first off, the packaging. LOVE. It is made of very sturdy plastic with a magnetic closure. It is about the size of an iPhone, except a teeny bit wider…(PERFECT for travel). Inside, you get a big mirror, and your colors.

Urban Decay got it RIGHT with the way they have these colors laid out. The bronzer is on the left, and it is the largest powder, because you use more bronzer than the other products. The blush is the second largest, and then the highlight in the middle is the smallest.


So, onto the colors. The bronzer is a pale, matte, light brown color that is super wearable and natural for fair skin. The highlight is a golden peach color that is the perfect compliment to the blush, which is a bright coral. The powers are so soft and silky, and blend into the skin very well.

To achieve the best look with this palette, I take a small contour brush and go along my cheekbones, forehead and jawline to give a subtle contour to my face. This warms up my complexion and gives a summer glow. Then I take an angled blush brush and dust this coral blush (a little goes a long way) along the tops of my cheekbones, taking it back to my hairline to give a more youthful look. Then, I take a tapered highlight brush and dab a teeny bit of the highlight color right at the top of where I applied my blush color.

The combination of these colors put together is perfection, and basically foolproof! I love this palette, and I’ve been reaching for it almost every day to give me that dewy, sunkissed look that is perfect for summer!

Have you tried this palette? Let me know your thoughts!

Have a great weekend! xx

3 thoughts on “NAKED Flushed Palette in Streak : Review + Swatches”

  1. Love this post! I’ve been thinking maybe I should use some bronzer to help contour my face a little. I’d like to see exactly what kind of brushes you used. I only use a basic powder brush and blush brush at home so my brush vocabulary is not very sophisticated. lol

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