Oldie But Goody: Bare Minerals Original Foundation


Hi guys! I’m sure you all have your favorite foundations – foundations that you know will always work for you. I used Bare Minerals Original Foundation for about 2 years, and then stopped using it to test out some liquid foundations.

I was recently cleaning out my makeup drawers, and came across this little gem. I remembered how much I liked it, and wondered why in the world I stopped using it! The truth is, I have a love/hate relationship with this foundation. While I LOVE the coverage and flawless and natural finish that it gives, I HATE that it is a loose powder. It gets everywhere and there is like a flesh colored cloud in the air when I’m applying it. Lol.


I prefer the Original Foundation over the Matte version, because I like the dewy/glowy finish that the original formula gives. I wear the shade Fairly Light in both versions, just for reference. The way that I apply this is with the Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face brush, and I pour a little bit of the powder into the lid, swirl my brush around in it, and apply to my face in circular motions. After I apply it, I don’t even feel like I have anything on my face, but my complexion looks so even and pretty.

Now, I like a light coverage (especially in the summer), and that’s what is great about this foundation. You can do light coverage, or you can build it up by just applying more, and it will give you full coverage. It doesn’t ever look cakey, either. I find that it lasts pretty good on the skin, maybe about 6 hours tops without having to blot or powder. I have dry skin though, so I don’t usually get oily throughout the day.

So I might just be imagining this, but I feel like this foundation improves my skin when I wear it. Over time, my skin becomes more even and glowy looking, even after I wash this off. I don’t have any other foundation that does that.

Have you tried Bare Minerals before? What do you think of it?

thanks for reading y’all! xx

8 thoughts on “Oldie But Goody: Bare Minerals Original Foundation”

  1. I love this stuff too! I wish I wore it more but because of the powder formula, I always feel like I’m using too much when I use it, y’know?
    It’s fantastic for covering spots though, you never feel like you’re choking them and it never cakes on top. It’d save me a lot of time to use this instead of a liquid foundation in the morning too…hey, you may have just inspired me to go back. Thanks! xx

    1. It is great for covering spots!! I like how you can use it for everything, it even covers dark circles well!

    1. Oh cool!!! I have heard of them before, I think Kimmy uses that kind. I will check them out, thanks Katie!

  2. I had the same experience – it was the only thing I used until I thought I should be trying out liquid. Loves it. Now I figured it out works best for me in the summer months when everything else just slides off my face:)

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