Most Used Eye Brushes


Having the right brush is important when applying eye makeup. You need certain brushes for different things, and I like to use quite a few when I do my eyes. Today I am going to be sharing the eye brushes that I reach for the most when applying eye makeup. To see the first part of this series, Most Used Face Brushes, click here.


Real Techniques Brow Brush – I use this brush for…you guessed it, my eyebrows! It is angled just perfect to apply my brow powder.

Sigma Blending E25 – I use this brush to put my eyeshadow down all over my lid. Sigma brushes are great quality and this one is verrrry similar to MAC’s 217 brush. I use this for my crease too.

Sigma Tapered Blending E35 – This brush is great for blending, it is the perfect size, and I like how it is tapered a little bit more than the E40.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Eye Brush – this is a great brush for blending also. It is similar to E35, except smaller, but it is pretty dense and I use it a lot.

Crown Brush Concealer Brush – I like to use this brush with my under eye concealer. I dot my concealer under my eyes and then gently pat it into the skin with this brush.

Sephora Pro Smoky Liner Brush #24 – this brush was recommended to me for smudging out eyeliner, and I must say that I LOVE this brush. It is the perfect size, and it smudges the eyeliner (or shadow) underneath my lashline for that “smoky” look.

Real Techniques Setting Brush – I use this brush along with my NARS light reflecting setting powder in Translucent Crystal to set my under eye concealer. This brush is so soft and really good quality. It’s just the right size to fit right underneath my eyes.

Sigma Precision Round P82 Brush – I use this brush to apply cream eyeshadow to my lids. It is very dense and also blends the eyeshadow out really well.

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush- I like this brush oddly enough to apply browbone highlight. It supposed to be used in the crease but I feel like it’s a little big for that. I use the E25 for my crease also.

So, those are my most used eye brushes! I know it seems like a lot, but I don’t use all of these every single day.

What are some of your favorite eye brushes?

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