A Red For Everyone

I love a red lip, but it is very difficult for me to find red lip colors that look good on my skin tone. I tend to go for more cool tones when it comes to reds, and I actually prefer a sheer wash of red rather than an opaque, bold red lip. BUT, every now and then, I’ll go for the bold red. So, I have chosen some of my favorite reds to wear ranging from sheer to opaque.



What I usually like is a sheer wash of red color. This is flattering on just about everyone, and you can still do a “red lip” without it being so dramatic. For a really sheer, wash of red color, I go for the tinted balm type colors. My favorite two are the Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment, and the Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. These colors are very similar in finish, they give off a lot of shine and are very sheer. Cherry Me is a lot more of a pinky-red, while Rose is a true red color with no pink to it. Both balms smell delicious and are very moisturizing. I have to say, in addition to Dior’s Creme de Rose, the Fresh Sugar Rose is definitely my most used lip product. I never go a day without it.

Next, I have two reds that have more color to them, but are still shiny and relatively sheer. They both come in pot form, and I really like lip products in pots, especially these reds. Benefit’s Benetint Tinted Balm, is a pinky toned red while the MAC Tendertone in Hot N’ Saucy is more of a orangey-red color. The MAC color is also very shiny and slick. These are sheer, but unlike the others, you can build them up for more color with a lot of shine.

The last color I have to share is a shiny, but more opaque color. This color is called Lady Bug by MAC. I was on the search for a great red to fit my skintone, and this is it. It’s a Lustre finish (of course) and so it is sheer, but you can layer it up for that bold red look.

Here are the swatches:

IMG_0219-0.JPGCherry Me, Benetint, Hot N’ Saucy, Rose, Lady Bug

What’s your favorite red lip color?

3 thoughts on “A Red For Everyone”

    1. No, I have not tried it, but I love those lipsticks! I will definitely find it the next time I go to ULTA! Thanks 🙂

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