Cure Natural Aqua Gel Review


Have you guys heard about this stuff? Apparently, THIS is the number one selling skincare product in Japan. One bottle is sold every 12 seconds. I first heard about it on some interview with Katy Perry, she said she uses it and it’s amazing. I looked it up online and read a few reviews, and thought, I must try this!

So, this is an exfoliating face product. It is said to be very gentle on the skin, and contains mostly water. It’s non abrasive, and doesn’t contain any micro beads or exfoliants. This gel targets dead skin cells and gently removes them from your skin.

Ok, so let me explain how I use this. I wash my face like I normally do, at night, and then I dry my face and hands. The key to making this product work is to apply it to a dry face with dry hands. So I pump out about 2 full pumps, and apply it to my face. It is a colorless gel and also doesn’t have any fragrance. I pat it into my skin gently, and then I wait a minute or so, and then I start rubbing it into my skin with large, sweeping motions. As I am rubbing, the dead skin cells start to come off. They actually ball up on the skin. It’s kind of disgusting, but amazing at the same time! This reminds me of a chemical, or glycolic peel, but it doesn’t hurt or sting the skin at all. It also doesn’t leave my face red or irritated.

After rubbing and removing all the dead skin, I rinse with warm water and pat dry my skin with a towel. Pores are GONE. My skin feels so smooth and soft, and actually brighter! The writing on the bottle is in Japanese, but here are the ingredients:

Water (activated hydrogen water, non-acidic and purified), glycerin, acrylates/C10-30, alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, dicocodimonium, chloride, steartrimonium bromide, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, gingko biloba extract, rosmarinus officinalis/rosemary leaf extract, butylene glycol.


This claims to be really good for acne, evening out skintone, and brightening skin. I use this a couple of times a week, and my skin feels so great and smooth after.

It is a little pricey, I picked mine up from Amazon for around $30. You do get 12 oz though, so it will last a while.

Have you tried this?

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