Julep Maven December 2014

I am so glad I signed up for this subscription box. This is the best one I have tried so far – I have been subscribed to both Birchbox and IPSY. Not only did I receive 3 nail polish colors this month, but I also received an AMAZING eye shadow. Julep is known for their nail polish, but they also do really great quality makeup.

If you don’t know, Julep is a beauty subscription box that sends a box to you every month. They pick the products for you based on a profile quiz that you do during the sign up process. If you prefer, you can actually go on the site when the collection is released each month and pick what you want to have sent out to you. I prefer to be surprised, so I don’t ever go on the site to choose or see the colors. It is $19 per month, and they send a mix of makeup and nail polish. The formula of the nail polish is great, and the colors are always on trend. If you want to sign up for Julep Maven and get your free welcome box, click here.

This month’s collection was named “The Countdown Collection”, and they sent me 3 nail colors and an eyeshadow.IMG_1655.JPG

Queen Anne Is a gorgeous, lilac colored, confetti glitter that is so full of sparkle. Paula is a light royal blue color with a golden holographic shimmer. The color of the blue is very similar to Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. The shimmer in this polish is amazing and so unique. The last color is called Soleil, which is a rose gold polish. There is no glitter in this one, just a metallic shimmer. It is also very pretty. I haven’t gotten a polish yet from Julep that I haven’t loved. The last thing I received is this Orbital eyeshadow in Equinox. I have to swatch this for you guys.


This eyeshadow is freaking beautiful. It has the quality of a pressed pigment and is gives a gorgeous, foiled effect on the lids. It is grayish, silver-y taupe, with just a hint of purple. I can’t wait to dampen my brush and really see how this looks wet. Even the packaging is luxe and high end. I just love this shadow.

So, this is what Julep sent me this month. I am very happy with this box. Each nail polish retails for $14, and the eyeshadow retails for $14.40. So, I paid $19 for this box, and the value was $56.40. That is a great deal!

Thanks for reading!

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