Must Have Lip Balms

I know you guys love lip balm.  I love lip balm, we all love lip balm.  Do you guys like those little ball EOS balms?  They’re terrible!  They feel like wax to me.  Why does everyone like those? Maybe I got a bad one?  Just wondering.

Lip balm is a necessity because dry, chapped lips just aren’t very cute.  Lip balm moisturizes and helps lipsticks to go on smoother.  I love both clear and tinted lip balms.  I tend to use clear lip balms at night and when I am hanging around the house, and tinted lip balms when I am going somewhere.

I’m a fan of a bold lip…sometimes.  Not all the time.  You know, play dates and hanging around at kid places…you feel kinda weird rockin a bold lip.  For date night, you know, rock that lip.


I like to wear tinted balms.  Tinted balms and sheer lipsticks are my favorite. Dior makes this product called Lipglow that I love.  It looks pretty sheer in the tube, like a clear pink, but it actually is like a “mood” lipstick kind of and transforms into a pink on your lips that is so flattering.  It’s really moisturizing, and duh, it’s Dior.  I also love Maybelline Baby Lips.  They have a ton of colors and these give a great shiny color while really moisturizing your lips.  

Can we take a moment to appreciate the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments?  If you have not tried these, you have to.  The smell of them is like lemon cake, and they are just amazing.  They come in different colors, and make your lips really smooth and soft.  Have y’all heard of MAC’s Tendertones? They release these like every couple of years, and they are these tinted lip balms in pots that are awesome.  I stocked up last time and I still have one left.  There’s something about using a lip balm in a pot that I just really love.  I know most people don’t, but I like it.

Ok, so like I said, I like clear balms too. Is that a Lip Smacker? Uh, yeah.  Totally a Lip Smacker.  I actually traded my three year old daughter a NYX Butter Gloss for this Lip Smacker in Confetti Sprinkles. True story.  This Lip Smacker smells like straight up cake and I wanted it. lol.  But Lip Smackers have always been a good, moisturizing lip balm.  She likes the glosses better anyway.

Burts Bees is a great lip balm also.  This one doesn’t give much shine, but it gives that minty feel and really helps repair chapped lips.  My husband JJ is addicted to this.  Guys can use it too!  It also comes in different colors and flavors.  So, I also love the Dior Creme de Rose.  I wish I didn’t, but alas, it is amazing.  Slather this on before bed, and wake up to the softest smoothest lips ever.  I love the retro pot packaging, and hello? It smells just like fresh roses.  I’m a sucker for anything rose scented.

So there you have it!  My must have balms.  What about you? What lip balms are your favorite?

Thanks for reading! xx

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