How I Clean My Makeup Brushes


So…it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.  Unless you want a broken out face and bacteria-infested (ugh that sounds so gross!) brushes, then you have to wash them.  You know who you are out there 🙂

So, the way that I clean my brushes is really simple.  I actually don’t mind cleaning my brushes because I love how they feel after, and I get a weird satisfaction when I see the beige and pink colors wash off the face brushes…anyone else? Haha


Ok, so there are two ways to clean.  Spot clean, and deep clean.  I only use my spot cleaner on eye brushes.  It contains alcohol, and I just feel like it would make me breakout if I used it on my face brushes.  I use the Cinema Secrets Quick Drying Brush Cleaner.  This comes in a little spray bottle and you just spray some on your brush and then rub it around on a paper towel.  The colors magically come off really fast and you have a fresh brush to use almost immediately.  It’s good for when you are doing a multi-color look and you only have one brush to use.  You can clean it real quick and then move on to the next color.  Great for traveling.

So I try to deep clean my brushes at least once a week.  I said try.  I have a toddler and a baby, so cleaning my makeup brushes isn’t really at the top of my to-do list. lol.  But, the way that I clean them is super simple.  I like to use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, because it is very gentle, it smells good, and works great to get all of the colors out quickly.  The one pictured is the lavender bedtime soap, but any Johnson’s soap will do.  If you’re a mom, there is a good chance you have some!

I take all of my brushes to the sink, and turn on the warm water.  I first wet my makeup brush (just the bristles), by just running it under the water.  I then will squirt some soap in the palm of my hand, and swirl the brush all around in the palm of my hand.  You’ll see all of the color come out, give it a quick rinse, and ring out the excess water.  I lay mine down on a towel to dry after I’ve finished all of them.  That’s it!  It’s super easy, and doesn’t take too long…unless all of your brushes are dirty.  Then it will take forever.  Haha.  

  So fresh and so clean, clean.

How do you clean your brushes?  Share some tips with me!

Thanks for reading! xx

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