My Favorite “Healthy” Night Snacks

Well, I guess you’re getting two posts today instead of just one.  I totally forgot I had this post scheduled for upload today. Enjoy! 🙂

Before I begin this post, let me just say that cupcakes, chips, and ice cream are my favorite snacks, ok?  A Snickers bar is a snack.  An apple?  Not a snack. A punishment. LOL…I’m just kidding.  I actually really love eating fruit for a snack.  But, eating these bad snacks every night is not good – so I have been trying to choose healthier options for myself when digging for a snack.

I have received a couple of questions and requests on how I lost my baby weight and what I eat to maintain my weight, so I thought I would share.  What has worked for me is portion control and not eating (a lot) late at night.  I try to stick to 100 calories or less after 6 pm.

So while my husband eats his 8 Oreos at night next to me on the couch (the man does not gain weight) I resist the urge to say yes when he asks me if I want one, and try to find something healthier.  He doesn’t have to wear a swimsuit. Haha. 

Be strong.

Here are some better options.




So first I’ll start off with these La Croix “sodas”.  I call them “soda” to make myself happy.  I love soda, but it is ridiculously bad for you.  These are delicious and I am totally addicted.  My friend Caty got me hooked when I had the lemon one at her house!  The lemon, lime, and grapefruit are my favorite flavors.  So what makes these “sodas” so great is that they are just carbonated water, and natural flavoring.  Nothing else.  No calories, no artificial sugar, nothing.  It tastes as if you took some bubbly water, and squirted some fruit in there.  That’s all it is.  So, it tastes like a treat, but it’s really a lot better than having a soda.

So another thing I like to eat are bars.  I like LUNA and Kind bars, and also these Fiber One bars help you feel full. These three kinds are actually really good (not TWIX bar good tho) and they satisfy my urge for a candy bar.  I know they do contain sugar and calories, but they are a healthier option.

Does anyone love popcorn as much as me?  I eat so much popcorn!  I love Skinny Pop, and also these 100 calorie packs of popcorn.  I mean, do I really need to eat an entire big bag of popcorn? No.  These little packs give me my popcorn fix.

I also like to eat some yogurt with granola, and sometimes I even eat one of my daughters squeezie fruit pouches.  This mixed berry kind is so good and tastes like berry Skittles.

Ok, so these are my healthier snack options!  What do you like to snack on?

Thanks for reading! xx

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