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Hey guys!  Have yall noticed that there are so many new hair care items at the drugstore?  I’ve been seeing commercials and ads all over the place for some interesting new products.  I picked up a few new things and thought I’d share my thoughts on them.

So, the first things I tried were from Garnier.  Now, I think Garnier is a great hair care brand.  Their Pure Clean Shampoo and Volume Extend Dry Shampoo are some of my faves.  I saw a commercial for this shampoo and conditioner, and the girl in the ad had the most volumized, huge hair I think I’ve ever seen, lol.  Plus, the bottles are hot pink, so you know I had to pick this up.  


These are the Full & Plush shampoo and conditioner.  Isn’t the packaging so pretty?  This hot pink is my power color.  So, aside from how cute the bottles are, they smell amazing.  It smells fruity with it’s pomegranate extract, and the scent lingers all day.  These also promise to give visibly thicker and fuller hair. 

They are both very nice.  The shampoo lathers up real good and rinses really clean and doesn’t feel like it leaves any residue or anything.  My hair feels super clean after using it.  The conditioner really detangles.  I already have very thick hair, so I can’t say it left me with even thicker hair, but my hair was definitely volumized and felt really sleek and smooth after using these.  I really liked these and I’ve really never been disappointed with a Garnier hair product.


Next is this Tresemme Perfect Undone Wave Creation Sea Foam.  I’ll be honest here, I’m not a fan of Tresemme.  I thought I would give this a try though, because it has sea salt, and I’m all about a beachy wave.  This smells really good, and has a little pump.  You’re supposed to shake this up and it comes out as a foam.  You apply it to wet hair, and it says to blow dry.  Well, I did that and my hair came out not very wavy.  So the next time I used it, I didn’t blow dry, I just let my hair air dry.  It came out a bit crunchy, so I had to work with it to get the “crunch” out.  All in all, this is a good product for the price.  It did give me the beachy waves I like, but you just have to work with it a little bit.  It also does dry matte, which is good.  I don’t like the “gel look”.  This is a great and cheaper alternative to my Bumble & Bumble Sea Salt Spray.  


The last thing I tried out was the Loreal  Blow Dry It Quick Dry Primer Spray.  This is a spray to use after washing your hair that cuts down on blow dry time.  This is also a heat protectant, which is great.  Have yall tried the Kenra Blow Dry Spray?  Well, this is pretty much the exact same thing.  It has a very sweet, fruity smell that reminds me of the Kenra.

So after I got out of the shower, I sprayed this all over my hair from my ears down, and combed it through. It smells so good you guys.  I set my timer to see how long it would take me to blow dry.  It normally takes me about 10 to 11 minutes to blow dry my medium length, thick hair.  With this product, it took 4 MINUTES.  I couldn’t even believe it.  Not even the Kenra stuff does that.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I hate washing, blow drying, and styling my hair.  It’s a hassle, and who has time to do all of that?  Well now, this saves me so much time in the morning – leaving more time for my true love, makeup.  Definitely give this a try – you will love it.

And, one more thing.  So after much consideration, lol…I got back on Instagram under the name amysbeautydiary.  I loved sharing my beauty tips with you all, and so I created this account just for blog-related posts.  I hope you’ll check it out, I’d love to talk with you on there!

Thanks for reading, have a happy Easter 🙂

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