Today’s Small Bag Essentials

A small crossbody bag is a must have for me.  Hauling two kids around all day everyday is hard when you’ve got to carry a big purse too!  I made up a “car pack” with diapers, wipes, formula, etc., and I leave that in the car while we are out and about.  I find myself not needing to haul all of that around everywhere we go.

So, now I am able to use all of these small bags I have in my closet.  Here’s what I’ve got in my bag today:



This bag is a Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip Clutch in Fuschia.  I am a huge fan of her bags, and this one actually holds quite a bit.

I have this Marc Jacobs Key Holder that is really great because it has little hooks on the inside to hold your keys, and it also holds cards.  I don’t like big wallets at all, I like to use tiny ones that just hold a couple of cards and some cash.  I’ve also got some Chanel brown sunglasses that have sort of square frames that I’ve been really into lately.

I have some earrings in here – I absolutely love earrings and never go a day without them, so I like to keep a spare pair in my bag.  These are from Express.  I love the navy blue gem and of course, the gold wires.  Perfume Rollerballs are always a staple in my bag, I really like this one by Marchesa.  It smells really lovely and floral, it’s perfect for daytime.

I have a couple of lip products in here.  I have Dervish lip pencil by MAC, which is a brown-nude pink, and I have a Dior gloss in 664, which is a sheer hot pink.  I also have a Lip Smacker in case my lips get chapped.

So that’s it for my bag!  I’ll probably throw a couple of snacks in here for the girls, and then we will be ready for our day!  What do you keep in your bag?

Thanks for reading, xo Amy 

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