4 Shopping Websites I Love

I prefer to shop in-store, but once in awhile…ok maybe more, I like to online shop.

Online shopping is super easy and addicting – and let’s face it, who doesn’t love to get packages in the mail?!

Here are some of my favorite online shops.  And all of these are exclusively online – I didn’t list places like Nordstrom, even though I like their online shop.  All of these stores have apps too, so it’s super convenient to shop right from your phone (or tablet).

Hautelook is my favorite  online shop because it’s owned by Nordstrom, so you can return things to Nordstrom Rack.  This website is different from the others because it’s a flash sale site.  Each day they have events for different brands starting at 10 a.m., and you have to get on there quick if you see a brand you like, because they sell out quickly.  You can get some great deals on there. They have my favorite Laura Ashley pjs, and I’ve gotten some great dresses, wallets, bags, and shoes for a lot less than retail.  They sell everything from nail polish, to kitchen accessories and menswear.  


Asos always has the latest trends and fashions at fairly reasonable prices.  If you are looking for something particular, like say, a black polka dot peplum top, or some fringed heels, they will have it.    The clothes are always great quality, too.  It’s basically like a better quality, more expensive F21.  They have everything. 

Oh, Dailylook.  I love you.  I love this site because they put outfits together, and you can buy the whole outfit, or just pieces from it.  It helps to see the complete outfits, because then you can see if anything in your closet can work to create the look.  Again, great quality pieces, and they re-create a lot of designer items that look similar for cheaper!  Love that.


Revolve Clothing is a lot like Asos to me, but they have more expensive designer brands.  I usually use this site for inspiration and then see if I can find similar items for cheaper!  It’s a really fun site to use, they always have the latest and daring trends.

Do you guys like to shop online?  What is your favorite store?

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping! 

xo, Amy 

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