Friday Faves

Happy Friday!  I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been using non-stop for the past couple of weeks.  

First up is this really cute vintage Fendi bag that I like to bust out every spring. I got this bag secondhand a few years ago since it was discontinued, and I am still obsessed with it.  I feel so Carrie Bradshaw with this on my arm.  Seriously. A sundress, heels, and this bag? Perfect!  I’ve always loved denim bags.

The Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce K-Cup is my favorite, but ridiculously hard to find!  I love it because it has just a hint of cinnamon in it, but it’s not sweet at all.  It’s so good. 

Essie‘s nail polish in Mint Candy Apple has been constantly on my nails for the past couple of weeks.  It is such a great pastel for spring, and I get compliments on my nails every time I wear it!

I’ve also been using my Loreal Lacquer Liner in Espresso almost everyday.  This is a dark brown gel liner that works great with my MAC 210 brush.  This brush is so teeny and has the perfect point to make a nice, thin line.

Another thing from MAC is the Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lip Glass.  Now, I’m not particularly fond of Miley Cyrus, but I am fond of this gloss. (Or glass -you’re so fancy, MAC).  This is a bright, fuschia pink with glitter.  It is very blue-toned, and the glitter doesn’t feel gritty on my lips at all.  Some people think MAC glosses are sticky, but the sticky-ness is what keeps it on!  It’s really not that sticky.  I have been obsessed with this gloss lately, and it gives a really pretty pink tint to my lips.  I also like buying the Viva Glam collections when they come out, because 100% of the profit goes towards helping AIDS patients.  So-thumbs up for this gloss.

Yall all know how I love my dry shampoo.  I love Bumble & Bumble haircare, so I was curious to try this dry shampoo called Pret a Powder.  This is not a spray, it is a loose powder that you just shake onto your head and work it in with your fingers.  This powder gives instant volume and lift AND takes oil away.  It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it, and you get a lot of powder.  Love this.

The last of my faves is the always loved Jergens Natural Glow Gradual Tanning Lotion.  I use this all the time, every year, and it’s great because it is not as harsh as self-tanner.  You can use it just like lotion when you get out of the shower and in a couple of hours you will have a great tan with no streaks!

What are your faves for spring?

Thanks for reading! xo, Amy 


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