Mixed Prints and Rips

Well, I love a good print.  Do you like prints?  I love to find a good print that looks special and different.  Especially prints with pink.  Just give me all the pink (or floral) printed clothes.

Today I’m mixing some pink prints and adding them with some light wash ripped jeans.  I like the look of a baggy, blouse-y top paired with skinny jeans.

Cuffing jeans at the bottom gives a cool, put together look, and helps them from looking like they’re too long.

What is more perfect with this outfit than this hot-pink clutch?

Brought out my name necklace and paired it with another dainty star necklace. I love to layer jewelry.


  • Printed Top – Nordstrom
  • Jeans – Guess
  • Pink Heels – Macy’s (Carlos Santana)
  • Hot Pink Clutch – Rebecca Minkoff
  • Name Necklace – mynamenecklace.com
  • Star Necklace – Target
  • Pink Aviators – Pac Sun

Hope you liked the outfit!

Thanks for reading, xo Amy 


Comfy Harem Pants

I know you’ve seen these pants in store and are wanting to try them.  When I first saw this trend coming back (hammer pants for you fellow 90’s kids), I was like “YES PJ’s in public”, because that’s pretty much what they are.  They have elastic around the waist and each leg.  So comfy!

The ones that I am wearing are a pinky-purple color with a print.  Since the print is pretty busy, I decided to keep it simple on top with a white tank.  

 To dress it up a bit, I added some stiletto heels, gold jewelry, and a fringed bag.

I love these little pants, and think they are a great option to capri jeans!


  • Printed Harem Pants – Wet Seal
  • White tank – Target (Converse)
  • Purple D’Orsay Heels – Gucci
  • Brown Fringed Bag – Steve Madden
  • Necklace and Earrings – Nordstrom BP
  • Bangles – Alex & Ani

Do you guys like this trend?

Hope you liked this look, and thanks for reading! xo, Amy 

Products I Regret Buying

Usually, I do not regret my purchases.   I try to do research before buying, that way I don’t end up wasting my money on something that doesn’t work for me.

Even though I do that, sometimes I do end up with things that I’m not very happy with.  I use them up anyway (if I can) and I just don’t repurchase them.

Now, I’m not bashing these products, I’m just saying I wasn’t impressed and they didn’t work for me.  That doesn’t mean they might not work for you!

Ok anyway, onto the products I hate. Haha.

Let’s start with the MAC products.  This is a powder highlight Mineralized Skinfinish called Soft & Gentle that I feel like everyone loves except me.  It’s not that I hate it, but it is SO SHIMMERY. Like whoa.  It’s almost too dark for my skintone also.  I can use it as an eyeshadow though.  But yeah.  Real shimmery.

Another thing from MAC is the Select Cover Up Concealer.  If you have a tattoo, you could probably use this to cover it. It is SO THICK.  I don’t have any skin issues besides dark circles under my eyes, so I just have no use for this.  It won’t work under my eyes, cause it creases really bad.  It’s too dark for me too.  FAIL.

This Bare Minerals product is a Multitasking Face Product called Bisque. This is supposed to be a powder concealer.  No.  This is like, gray.  It’s too dark for me, and I like concealers that brighten, not make my circles worse!  It turns them ashy. No. Just…no.  Sorry BM, I usually love you.

So everyone knows Milani Luminoso.  It’s a great powder blush that is beautiful.  So what did I do after buying Luminoso? I assumed all of the other colors would be awesome, so I bought two more.  WRONG.  These blushes, Dolce Pink and Rose D’Oro have tons of CHUNKY GLITTER.  I’m sorry, but glittery cheeks isn’t exactly the look I’m going for.  These are just bad.

Ok. The next product I really do like.  This is the Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil.  This is a brow pencil that has a very fine tip and is great for filling in your eyebrows.  The problem I have is with the packaging and the price.  This is $21 and is tiny.  You barely get any product and it runs out so fast!  This lasted me like 3 weeks. I think I will stick with the brow powder, where you get a lot more for the money.

Do you like any of these products?

Thanks for reading, xo Amy 

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