Beauty Is Pain?  Too Faced Lip Injection

The struggle for bigger lips is real.  Overlining lips has become a thing, and getting lip injections and fillers are always popular as a way to plump up your pout.

I, personally, don’t care about having bigger lips…I think my lips are fine, BUT…I do like to plump them up a bit sometimes.  It is quite a different look.

Sometimes we, as women, have to do painful things to look beautiful.  You know what I mean. 

So, this Too Faced Lip Injection.  I’m not gonna lie folks, but this stuff HURTS. No, no…it BURNS.

Don’t be fooled by this pretty packaging.  This stuff is mean.

 I’ve used it a couple of times, and it promises bigger lips.  It is probably the only product I’ve tried that actually lives up to that claim.  It does work. But it does hurt. 

So, in the tube, it just looks like a regular ‘ol clear lipgloss with just a teeny bit of pink tint.  It smells so good, like a watermelon jolly rancher.  It’s pretty sticky too.  It says on the tube that it is a “power plumping” lipgloss. Yeaaaaah. It does have power.  What is in this?!  I’m convinced it’s like ghost peppers or something.

So, you are supposed to use this on bare lips, wait about 5 minutes for a “slight intense tingle” (wth) and then be left with bigger lips.  

If you can make it through the 5 minutes, you done good girl. lol.  

Now, this stuff is not for sensitive skin, it is made up of skin irritants that are causing a mild allergic reaction on your lips.  But, hey, like I say- beauty is pain, amirite?

Here’s a before and after.

Now, it may look like just a small difference, but this stuff makes me look like A DIFFERENT PERSON.

It also makes your lips turn a pinky-red color…probably from the burning.

So, would you buy this?  Do you think that beauty is pain?

Thanks for reading! xo, Amy 

2 thoughts on “Beauty Is Pain?  Too Faced Lip Injection”

  1. OMG. 5 mins is like gold medal status. SOOOO PAINFUL. (And I think I have a fairly high pain tolerance). This would be a great gift for your least favorite person on the planet.

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