Favorite MLBB Liners


I usually go for a MLBB (my lips but better) color on a day-to-day basis.  Once in awhile, I will throw on a bold lip – but for errands and play dates, I usually stick to something that is pretty natural and enhances my lip color.  Lip liners are great to throw in your bag with a gloss.  

I like lip liners because I think they have better lasting power than lipstick.  When I use a liner, I fill in my lips with it and most of the time, just leave it.  Sometimes I’ll top it with a gloss or sheer lipstick if I want the color to last longer.  

Here are my favorite MLBB colors – and all of these are my favorite formulas for lip liner also.


    From left to right:  MAC Dervish, Urban Decay Naked, Jordana Tawny, Rimmel East End Snob

These colors are all pretty similar with the exception of Naked, which has more brown color to it than the others.  The “Kylie Jenner” color, if you will (blahhh).

Drugstore lip liners are perfect to me.  No need to spend a lot of money on them.  Out of these four, I prefer the drugstore ones.  The Rimmel liners are my all-time favorite.  They are creamy, smooth, and I love the retractable packaging.  Not to mention, they’re cheap and come in a million colors!

Do you use lip liner? What is your favorite brand?

Thanks for reading! xo, Amy 

4 thoughts on “Favorite MLBB Liners”

  1. I love east end snob but I just wish it was in a pencil form rather than wind up. The first time I used it the end snapped off 😦

    1. Oh no! I can see where that would happen – I love that it’s retractable but I do have to be careful and not wind it up too much. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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