How To:  Beachy Summer Waves


Wavy hair has been my go-to lately.  Living in Texas where it is already in the 90’s, and humid as can be, wavy is the only way to go.  Embrace the wavy-ness I say!

Here’s what I use.

So first off, I shampoo and condition my hair with this Suave Moroccan Infusion shampoo and conditioner.  Not only does this line leave your hair suuuper soft, but it smells AMAZING. 

After I’m done washing, I towel dry my hair real good and spray this Loreal Blow Dry Quick Dry Primer Spray.  Love this stuff.  It really does make a difference in blow dry time, and it’s a heat protectant for hot tools.  I com that through my hair and then I spray this Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray all over and start scrunching my hair upwards.  This is a texturizing, sea salt spray that mattifies.  No crunchy, gel looking waves.  Just perfect, beachy (dry in a good way) looking waves.

I scrunch a little, and then flip my hair over and blow dry the underside of my hair.  I do this with my dryer on low while scrunching.  After that, I flip it over and dry it a little with my dryer.  Just until its about 90% dry.  I spray a little more of the salt spray and then I will go over it a little with my flat iron and curl some pieces that didn’t come out wavy.  If you curl with the flat iron and then pull the curl out right before its cooled, it will give you a wave instead of a curl. 

Ta-da!  Beachy waves.

My hair is naturally pretty straight, so it takes a little effort to get it to wave the way I want it to.

Have you been loving beachy waves this summer?

Thanks for reading, xo, Amy 

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