The Cutest Mascara Ever: Benefit Roller Lash


I finally gave in and picked up this new mascara from Benefit called Roller Lash.  It was definitely the packaging that drew me in.  The little “roller” on the end is adorable (but so is all of Benefit’s packaging).  The tube just feels so sturdy and high-end, too.  Love it.

So, on the box, it claims to be a “super curling and lifting mascara” and is meant to be used without curling your eyelashes first.  Is that weird to anyone else?  It feels so wrong to apply mascara without using my curler first, but, I did it for the sake of this review.  You’re welcome.


So, the wand is small.  At first glance, I didn’t think I would like this because of the small wand.  I like mascaras with bigger wands, like Maybelline Rocket, Covergirl Lashblast and Benefit’s They’re Real.  My favorite mascaras all have rubber bristles, and that is just what I prefer.  Whenever I use a brush-like wand, I find that the mascara goes on unevenly and clumpy.

Anyway, this has a rubber wand with little nubs on one side that remind me of that little tool that you use to separate your lashes. WHICH MAKES SENSE.  And that part of the brush is what is actually supposed to grab onto the hairs and separate them WHILE CURLING. Genius Benefit, genius.  The other side is curved and the bristles are a little bit longer.

So I applied this to my eyelashes (without a curler) and was amazed.  It really does curl them without a curler. The formula is not a super wet consistency, which I really like.  It is very black, and doesn’t weigh down my lashes at all.  I experienced very little clumping and I apply a lot.  I don’t count how many coats I do, but I do sit there blinking for a long time.  Haha.

Throughout the day, I had ZERO flaking and smudging.  I would say that this mascara is really good for volume, but isn’t super lengthening, I mean it does give length, it’s just not anything crazy.  Volume is more important, in my opinion.  It made my lashes look really good, and it was easy to remove at the end of the day.  It doesn’t have fibers which is good.  That can get annoying when you are taking off your makeup (little fibers all over your face).

IF I was going to purchase a high end mascara, this one would be it.  It’s better than They’re Real in my opinion, and that’s my high-end fave!

So, if you like high-end mascara, I’m betting you will love this.  Y’all know that I’m a drugstore mascara kinda gal though.  I only use mascara for a couple of months (if even that) before I toss it, so I just like buying cheaper ones.  But, this is definitely a nice luxury product to use.  Sometimes you gotta treat yo self, you know?

Have you tried this mascara?

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