Shadows That Sparkle


Sometimes you just need to go for the glitter shadow.  Yeah, most of the time I like my makeup to look “natural”, but glitter shadows are so pretty and fun!  

I like to use these glitter shadows for special occasions, or when I have time to do my makeup (when my husband is home to watch the girls).  

The way I like to apply these shadows (or any glitter) is with my finger.  First you want to do your eye base, then your transition and crease colors, THEN apply the glitter overtop.  I like to actually spritz my finger with some MAC Fix Plus and then dip my finger into the shadow and press it into my eyelid.  Applying it wet will give the eyeshadow a foiled look and make it more vibrant.  

Applying the eyeshadow with your finger eliminates any fallout (glitter on your cheeks) and allows you to place it exactly where you want it.  After you’re done applying the shadow, don’t blend any more.  Make that your last step.

Also, don’t forget to smudge some on the bottom lash line to make the whole look come together.

These are my favorite glitter shadows at the moment.  

 Loreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Amber Rush – a beautiful, pigmented rose gold

Julep Orbital Eyeshadow in Equinox – A purple gray with sparkle

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Diamond Dog – bronze brown color packed with silver glitter

Thanks for reading! xx

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