Morphe Brush Review

Makeup brushes can get expensive, but you don’t need to spend a lot to achieve a flawless makeup look.  

I decided to check out the brand Morphe, because I saw that they were on sale on Hautelook a couple of weeks ago.  I have heard of this brand before, and how inexpensive and good quality the brushes are.  These brushes are all synthetic, have very soft bristles, and all feel very sturdy.


I saw this brush first, the MB30, or the Deluxe Flat Contour Brush.  This brush is similar in shape to the brushes that come in the Benefit boxed blushes, or even more popular, the NARS Ita brush.  I really like this style of brush for contouring, especially with cream products.  The bristles are packed very densely, and it blends the product out really well.


I also bought 4 eye brushes that came in a set.  

B70, oval shadow blender brush – good for packing color on the lid

B72, round crease brush – good for transition color

B80, pointed crease brush – good for a specific area and also inner corner highlight

-B84, oval shadow brush.  This one is just a bigger version of the B70.  

All of these brushes are soft, they seem to be very durable, and they do just as well of a job applying my eyeshadow as my MAC, or other expensive brushes.

The last brush I bought was the M435, or Large Angled Blush brush.  I had been needing a new blush brush, and I only like to use angled brushes when applying my blush color.  It’s just easier to me, and it gets right on top of my cheebones.  This brush is so soft.  It shed just a little bit the first time I washed it (before using), but it hasn’t shed since then.  I really like it.

So in total, I paid $26 for all six of these brushes.  Not bad!  I’d say if you are looking to purchase some nice quality brushes, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, check out the ones from Morphe!  

Thanks for reading! xx

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