Better Than Boom Boom Room

I don’t know about yall, but I am over MAC‘s limited edition collections.  Who has the time (or memory!) to remember to get online the second a new collection launches to be able to get something? Not this girl!  NOT. THIS. GIRL.  For one thing, I like to swatch makeup before I buy it, so I really don’t like buying eyeshadow online.  

I saw a shade that I really liked from their recent LEDISKO Dazzleshadow collection called Boom Boom Room.  If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, (which you totally should) you will remember when I posted about missing out on this shadow.  I was devastated, I went to 3 different MAC stores trying to find it.  

I am not sure how to even describe this color, but I saw the posters and ads before it even came out, and I knew I had to have it.  MAC describes it as light burgundy with emerald sparkles.

No hard feelings MAC, but I found a shadow just like it (if not better).  Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Solstice.

Tell me this is not the prettiest eyeshadow you have ever seen.

It’s got a duo chrome finish to it, so different angles and lights give it a different color and appearance.  Sometimes it looks gold, sometimes it looks bronze, and sometimes it looks red/pink.

  Here it is in the sunlight. 
I am a BIG FAN of these shadows, I own a couple of other colors as well and they are amazing.  They are chock full of glitter and sparkle.  

I always have to make sure to wear a primer and do my eye makeup first when using this shadow, as it does give some fallout.  That is to be expected when using such a glittery shadow.  I find it works best being applied with my fingertip also.

I’m so glad I found this shade! 

Thanks for reading!

xx, Amy 

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