How To : Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron

Hey everyone!  Having naturally straight hair, I like to curl my hair most days.  I have a beachy – wave how to hair style here , but this hairstyle is a little bit different.  Today I am showing you how to actually curl your hair with a flatiron.  I do own curling irons and wands, but I do not like the “ringlet” curls those give.  I get great, relaxed curls using my flatiron.

The first thing I do is to spray my hair down with a heat protectant.  It doesn’t really matter which one you use, but it is necessary for me unless I want fried hair.  So comb that through your hair and then I like to section off the top of my hair so that I can work with the underside first.

I like to bring all of my hair to the front and work on one side at a time.  I take about 1-2 inch sections, so about 4 or 5 curls on each side.

 I grab a section of hair, and clamp down on it.  Now, you have to work fast with this or you will end up with indentations from your straightener.  You’re gonna clamp down, and immediately turn your entire wand 360 degrees.  Just turn it all the way around until you have a little tail of hair poking out.  
I use both hands to turn the wand.

 Now I grab the little tail of hair.

Then you just pull the flat iron down, while still holding the hair.  Stop when you have about an inch left on the ends, and release the flat iron.

I don’t bring the flat iron all the way down because I don’t want the ends curled, I think it gives a more natural, softer look.  
Also, when I am curling, I like to rotate which direction the curls will go.  Sometimes I curl towards my face, and some away from my face.  When curling the pieces around my face, I always curl away.

Finish all of the curls on the bottom and then move on to the top section.  Start your curls as high to the top of your head as you can to give more volume.  Don’t forget to spray with hairspray when you’re all done!

Practice makes perfect so don’t give up!

Thanks for reading! xx


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