DIOR does Lips

 If it’s one brand that knows how to do a lip product, it’s DIOR.  Now, I know it’s expensive and luxurious, and yes, you can get cheaper lip products.  BUT, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to some DIOR.  Their lip products never disappoint.  

So, I have talked about Creme De Rose before.  This is a milky-pink smoothing and plumping lip balm in a little white pot. The color comes out clear when it’s applied.  This is a great lip balm to use before bed (that’s when I use it).  It smells of rose, which is my favorite scent, (so I love that), and it is so hydrating.  You apply this to your lips and it’s just so luxurious and pampering.  Your dry, cracked lips are healed by morning.

I also LOVE their Lip Glow.  This is a tinted balm product.  The great thing about this is that in the tube, it looks like a super sheer, comes-out-clear type of product.  Remember mood lipsticks?  Well, it’s kind of like that.  It self-adjusts to your perfect pink.  It smells like a cupcake, and it is always with me.

The next thing is their Lip Maximizer.  I am a fan of lip plumpers, and this one takes the freakin cake.  It is so smooth, feels just like their glosses when it goes on, and subtly plumps lips with just a hint of tingling (NOT BURNING…ahem TOO FACED).  It has active collagen infused into it for a nice plump.  The best part about this is that it lasts so good on the lips!  Love this stuff.

The last thing of course is their Addict Glosses.  Instead of a standard doe-foot applicator, these have a brush applicator which is so much better.  The colors are gorgeous, the formula is perfect (long lasting, not sticky) and can we talk about the packaging?  BEAUTIFUL.

Do you like DIOR’s lip products?

Thanks for reading! xx

5 thoughts on “DIOR does Lips”

  1. i love dior lip stuff!! everything is gorgeous 🙂 i’m a huge fan of the dior liquid lipstick in aventure ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

    1. Me too! I really love the packaging. I am going to have to try those liquid lipsticks! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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