LUSH Haircare Faves

I’m really not a big spender when it comes to hair care.  I don’t have color treated hair, so I don’t really have to use anything special.  Once in awhile, I will go and pick out some new things out to try.  I recently tried out some new hair products from LUSH, and these 3 very quickly became my favorites.

The first thing that has been on my wish list for awhile is this BIG Sea Salt Shampoo.  This is a shampoo with actual sea salt in it that is supposed to be very volumizing without being drying.  It comes in a tub, and it is a white cream with sea salt mixed in.  The smell is salty, beachy, and fresh.  I really like the smell, and it lingers all day.  I use this shampoo once a week because it is very clarifying.  Now, I only wash my hair about 3x a week, and so on the days I do wash, there is buildup (hairspray, heat protectant, dry shampoo).  This shampoo washes all of the buildup away, and you can feel it immediately after rinsing that your hair is squeaky clean.  This puts my beloved Garnier Pure Clean to shame when it comes to clarifying.  The volume, oh the volume.  When I blow dry my hair after using this, it feels so clean and gives a ton of volume.  I also have noticed I am able to go longer without washing my hair when I use this, because it doesn’t make my scalp oily at all.  

The next product is the American Cream Conditioner.  This is a creamy conditioner that is strawberry vanilla milkshake scented.  It promises “flowing, shiny locks”, and who doesn’t want that?  I apply this to my hair every time I wash it after shampooing – about a quarter sized amount – and smooth it in my hair from the ears down.  Not only does it smell amazing, but it makes my hair so soft and shiny.  I love this conditioner.  Like the BIG shampoo, the smell lingers in my hair all day long.

The last favorite is the Sea Spray, which is a saltwater texturizing hair spray.  In addition to sea salt, it has grapefruit scent that makes it smell so delicious.  I like to use this like all of my other salt sprays – I spray this in on damp hair to get matte, beachy waves.  It gives texture and volume to my hair as well.  It won’t make your hair look crunchy or have that shiny-gel look.  I just love this for days when I let my hair air dry.

What are your favorite hair products from LUSH?

xx, Amy 

4 thoughts on “LUSH Haircare Faves”

  1. Omg the American dream sounds amazing! I’ll have to pick that up. I love the sea spray too. I’d recommend the ‘rub rub rub’ shower scrub, it says it works on hair as well and it’s made my hair to much thicker in volume and looks shinier too 🙂 xoxo

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