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Hi everyone!  Welcome to Blogust day 19…whoa – can’t believe I’ve made it this far!  I never thought I would find enough things to write about for Blogust, but I have managed to come up with a lot.  Anyway, today’s post is for the men.  Well, probably not a lot of men, as I’m pretty sure most of my readers are women!  But hey, if you have a man in your life – husband, brother, cousin, dad, friend, whoever – you could tell them about these products, or they would make a great gift!

This is the Great Skin To Go set by Clinique.  I bought this for my husband, JJ, for Father’s Day as one of his gifts from our girls.  JJ isn’t really one to put a whole lot of effort into his looks – he’s a jeans, t-shirt, and hat kind of guy.  But, he’s been known to ahem, use my cleanser/toners/scrubs once in awhile.  We are both in our thirties now, him in his late thirties (sorry sweetie) and you know, you gotta start the anti-aging process (but he still looks very young).

So I got him this because I thought it would be a great way to try some new skincare out.  Clinique has always been a favorite brand of mine when it comes to skincare.  It’s never broken me out, and it’s always given me great results.

I got this kit from Sephora for $36.

 In the kit, it comes with:

1.7 oz Face Scrub

1.7 oz Oil Control Face Wash

1.4 oz Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer

0.5 oz Anti-Age Eye Cream

So, I asked JJ what he thought of all of the products.  Here is what he said, but in my words. Haha.

Face Scrub – he said he likes this, and he liked the cooling sensation that it gives.  He said not to scrub very hard, though, because it hurts if you do. Asking him his thoughts about these products cracked me up.   When I asked him about purchasing the scrub, he told me it depended on price, and when I told him ($21) he said “no way, you can get minty scrubs anywhere”…guess he is referring to the GlamGlow on the counter? Lol, I don’t know.

Face Wash – he really likes this – I can tell because he has almost used it up.  He uses it everyday in the shower and he said it makes his skin feel really clean.  He has also noticed  that he hasn’t had any breakouts with this, and it’s made his skin more even in texture.  I have also noticed a difference in his skin, it is a lot softer and smoother.  He says he wants me to purchase one for him. Score 🙂

Moisturizer – this is an oil controlling moisturizer, which is good for him, because he has oily skin.  He said he liked this because it’s not greasy, it takes away the “shininess”, and it absorbs fast.  It also has not made him breakout.  He said he really likes this, but he would like me to get him one with SPF, because he works outside part of the day.  This, unfortunately, doesn’t have SPF, but Clinique makes a man one with SPF.  Maybe I’ll get him that to try out.

Eye Cream – he hasn’t been consistent in using this every day, and says it’s not cooling or anything, so he is uninterested in it.  He says he notices no difference in his eye area when he uses this. Well, fair enough.  I’m sure it’s a good eye cream if he just used it more.

So, there are his thoughts on this kit.  I think it was a good gift, and he liked using everything, so I would say it was a win.  

He said he would recommend it 🙂

Thanks for reading! xx


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