Red Lipstick as Under-eye Corrector?

 Have yall seen this?  People are using red or orange toned lipstick underneath their eyes as a corrector to combat dark circles.  I have seen this swirling around the internet and I thought it would be interesting to try it out.  Having dark circles myself, I am always on board to try ANYTHING to make them disappear.  I am familiar with using correctors (peach or salmon colored) to correct circles, but never anything as dark as orange or red lipstick.  But, I was curious.

So, I brought out my favorite red lipstick, Lady Bug by MAC.  This is a blue-toned red, I don’t really own any warm toned red colors, as they do not suit my skintone (NW15).  Cool toned everything for me.

I will also be using the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in the color Fair Neutral (this is a new purchase, and the jury is still out on whether I like it or not).  I am also going to be using my trusty Bare Minerals concealer brush to blend things in.

So here I am with nothing under my eyes except eye cream.  The circles are a lot worse in person, lemme tell ya.

 Ok, so I’m just gonna go ahead and smear it on, I guess…(this feels wrong) haha

  Blend it out a little…

Put a bunch of concealer up under there….

And blend that in.

Ok so here it is all blended out.  As you can see, it covered them up a little bit – but I actually think that was more the concealer than the lipstick.  I know it’s hard to tell from a picture, but my whole under-eye looks pink.  The red lipstick is way too dark for me to be using underneath my eye.

Also, lipstick was not made to be used underneath eyes, so that concerns me a bit, since the skin under there is very delicate.

I think this may work on darker skin tones, though, which would pretty much be anyone!  I am very fair (especially on my face, because I do not tan it, and always wear high SPF).  

This was fun to try out, but I think I’ll stick with my salmon toned correctors! 

Thanks for reading! xx

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