Gold and Pink

One of my favorite color combinations is pink and gold.  Gold actually looks pretty with any color, especially on the nails.  

The pink color I used for this manicure is by Formula X, and it’s in the color Relentless.  This nail polish was a gift from my 4 year old daughter Allie, who begged my husband to take her to sephora to pick out my birthday presents (I’ve taught her well, haha).  Formula X nail color is really nice, I used two coats to get a totally opaque look.

The gold color that I used on two separate accent nails is by Julep, and the color is called Zelda.  This is a glitter, but not really big chunks of glitter, so it is easy to apply.  I only needed two coats of this one as well.

I topped off the manicure with Seche Vite topcoat which dries super fast and shiny.

I really like how this came out, I just randomly decided to paint my ring finger and thumb gold, and paint the others pink.  I think it looks a little more interesting and hip, and a nice switch up from just painting all of my nails the same color.

Hope you guys liked this mani!

Have a great weekend 🙂

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