Everyday Neutral MAC Palette

Some of my very first high-end makeup was from MAC, and this little 4 pan palette was one of the first.  I bought this palette empty, and I switch out the little shadow pans to create different palettes.  This is also really great for travel!  You can create any kind of look you want with just four shadows. 

Right now I have some of my favorite neutral shades in here.  I think every neutral palette should have a highlight, lid, crease, and deep shade – so keep that in mind if you’re trying to select colors for a palette.

This would be great for a beginner, or someone just starting out with makeup.  It’s nice to be able to pick and choose exactly what colors you want in your palette.  MAC shadows have always been good to me and I consider them to be some of the best!

Ok, so here is my little palette.  The first shade on the top is the highlight shade, Nylon.  This shade is described as “pale gold with icy shimmer”, and is a frost shadow.  I like that this color is not stark white, and so you can use it in the inner corner and on the lid and it won’t look too white and unnatural.  This is one of my most favorite highlight colors ever.  It doesn’t look weirdly yellow on the lid and gives such a pretty shimmer.

The next color on the top right is Patina.  This shade is one of the very first MAC shadows I bought.  It is described as “taupe brown with golden pearl” and also has a frost finish.  This is a perfect “all over the lid” color for girls who like shimmery shadows.


The next shadow on the bottom left corner is called Shale.  This color is described as a “mauve plum with subtle shimmer” and is a satin finish.  It is a purple, but it is very taupe-y if that makes sense.  I consider it a neutral.  This is also my most favorite MAC shadow of all time.  YES.  I love this color so much.  This is probably the 4th one I’ve bought.

The last color is boring, but crucial to the palette.  This is Espresso.  This color is described as a “muted, golden brown” and is matte.  This color is a good color to smudge along the bottom of the lashline, deepen up the crease and outer corner of the eye, and I can even use this as an eyebrow color!

Here are the swatches.

 From left to right: Nylon, Patina, Shale, and Espresso

These are some of my very favorite shadows from MAC, and they make up the look I’ve been wearing most of the month.  It’s such a convenient little palette to reach for!

Would you like to see more of my MAC shadows?  Let me know in the comments what your favorite shadows are!

xo, Amy 

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