Faux Fishtail Braid

Today I’ve got a quick and easy hairstyle for you.  This is a messy and undone looking “fishtail” braid, except it’s not really a fishtail!

Fishtail braids are relatively easy, but they take a lot of time and patience (at least for me anyway).  But, they are beautiful.

This braid is easier.  It is using the “topsy tail” technique.  Remember that, 90’s kids?  It’s really easy and you can do it with all of your hair, or just some of your hair, like I do.

Let’s get started.

I have my four year old, Allie, here with us as the hair model. 🙂 

 Gather up your hair into the section that you would like (I used all of her hair) and secure with a clear elastic. 
Make a bubble ponytail by taking small sections and securing those with clear elastics.  Put them about 1-2 inches apart.  Allie has long hair, so I used 6 elastics.  
Make a hole in the first section by pulling the hair apart, and then reach down to the bottom and pull the whole ponytail through the hole.  
Just flip it on through.  Kinda looks like a fishtail, right?  
Repeat on all of the sections.  

Cut off all of the elastics except for the bottom one ( be careful not to cut your hair)

 And we have a faux fishtail! 
Here it is on me, I like to do a section of hair and sort of blend it in with the rest of my unbraided hair.  I like it to look messy and not really that noticeable.  It would also look better with a brown elastic that matches my hair color.


That’s it!  Super easy and totally boho 🙂 haha. 

Thanks for reading! xx

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