The One and Only – Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

I’m a big fan of blue nail polish – especially this one.  This is not just any nail polish though, this is the ORIGINAL Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.


Im pretty sure I bought this 3 or 4 years ago (maybe even longer than that), but it’s still going strong!  I bust it out during the summer time (sometimes even during fall and winter tbh) and I fall more in love with it everytime I put it on!  It is a creamy and bright cobalt blue that is STUNNING in person.

There is some controversy with this nail polish though.  It’s been discontinued – er, Sally Hansen has changed the color and kept the same name.  They have changed it to a darker blue with shimmer in it.  If you’re lucky though, you can still find the original formula.

This nail polish is a very popular color, and for good reason.  There aren’t really any like it.  Essie’s Butler Please and Nails Inc.’s Baker Street come close, but this one is very special.  It’s not just the color, it’s the formula too!  I’ve applied just one coat of it and it’s perfectly opaque.

Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear line is awesome.  The brush, the formula, it glides on so smooth and all of the colors are so pretty.


Do you like Pacific Blue?

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