Self Adhesive Lashes?

I’ve been on the hunt for some self-adhesive lashes lately.  I found a selection of Ardell at my local H.E.B grocery store  (which is a weirdly great place to go for lashes -big selection) and so I picked some out to try.  

The reason I wanted to try them is because they seem super easy!  Just stick them on and go, no fooling with glue or anything.

I picked out 105’s and 110’s.  I like both of these styles and often wear them in the non-self-adhesive version.

So these lashes have a glue strip that is very sticky and come along with an extra glue strip in the pack.  I immediately noticed that the glue strip was really thick.   

I tried out the 110’s because it was daytime.  I feel like the 105’s are more suited for nighttime (on me) since they are more dramatic.

I usually trim the lashes a bit, sometimes they are a little long on me, so I trimmed them and then placed them on.  I tried to get them as close to my natural lashline as I could, but yeah, that band is super thick.

It took awhile to get them positioned, I’m not gonna lie.  It took me a lot longer than regular lashes.  The glue band is tacky and sticks and then when I was trying to press it down it would get stuck to my fingers.  It took some patience, but I got them on.

I applied them around 9 a.m., so they looked good for about 2 hours.  I did check in the mirror a couple of times and I couldn’t get over how thick and fake the band looked.  It’s also a shiny band so it was really obvious (to me) that I was wearing false lashes.  So around lunchtime they started lifting, and long story short, I ended up sticking glue on them and putting them back on.

These were a fail.  Applying lash glue is sooo much easier, and they never lift on me with regular glue.  I just thought I would give em a try!

I am usually very pleased with the regular Ardell lashes.  They are around $4 and always look great.  I like to use the Duo Brush on Lash Glue with them.

Have you guys tried self-adhesive lashes?

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