Brand Focus : NARS

NARS is known for it’s sleek black packaging and amazing products.  I consider NARS to be one of my favorite makeup brands because I haven’t ever tried anything from them that I didn’t completely love.

Let’s start out with face products.  Now, I haven’t ever tried foundation from NARS, but I have tried a few other things.  

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – my FAVORITE concealer of all time.  I’m serious.  One of the only concealers to completely cover my dark circles without creasing.  I use the shades Chantilly and Vanilla.

NARS Light Reflecting Powder in Translucent Crystal – this is a white setting powder that blurs pores and imperfections.  It’s not glittery, but does give a glow and brightness to the skin.

Blushes/Bronzers – I own many blushes and bronzers and they are ALL amazing.  Even the cream blushes.  Pigmented, easy to blend, and last all day.  Shown here is the duo in Orgasm/Laguna (a classic) and Enchanted (LE) cream blush.  Also, the NARS Multiples are amazing, too.  These are cream blush/bronzer in a stick form.  Pictured here is the Laguna Multiple.


NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base- this is my favorite eyeshadow base. Creamy, easy to blend, and your eyeshadow WILL NOT COME OFF.

NARS Eyeshadow Duos – amazing.  Super pigmented; so pigmented you have to be careful with your brush.  The best thing about these eyeshadows is that they always have really unique colors, and colors that I have nothing like in my collection.  And I have a lot of eyeshadow.  Pictures here are the duos in Cordura and Tzarine.

NARS Larger Than Life Eye Pencil – these are great eyeliners, they are so creamy and last on the waterline.  I love how they have a little built in sharpener on the end of the pencil, too.  This color is Via Veneto.

NARS Velvet and Satin Lip Pencils- Sephora did good on the birthday gift this year.  These pencils are so freakin good.  So smooth, like butter on the lips, and pretty long wearing.  The colors are perfect, too. Can’t wait to try more of these. Pictured here are Cruella and Rikugien.

NARS Lip Gloss – I have a bunch of these lip glosses and my favorite is this color, Babydoll.  These don’t have a scent, they aren’t sticky, and they actually last!  The colors are beautiful and of course, the packaging is everything.

Do you like NARS?

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8 thoughts on “Brand Focus : NARS”

  1. I love NARS! In my opinion, the quality of their products is one of the best on the market. I absolutely love your Orgasm-Laguna little palette, I don’t get why would you get a single full size products if you can have such a nice compact kit haha! 🙂


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