How to Clean Your Beauty Blender

Does your Beauty Blender/Real Techniques Sponge look like this?

Well, fear no more – cause I am here to show you how to clean it!  I have a quick, easy, and CHEAP way to do it.

You don’t need an expensive cleanser – this works just as good, and will work on any type of sponge.

Now I already have a post on brush cleaning here, so check that out if you need to know how to clean those.  

Let’s get started!

All  you’ll need is a bar of Dove soap and some tap water.

Get your sponge all wet and also get the bar of soap wet.

I hold the soap in my left hand and the sponge in my right hand and just rub it on the soap while squeezing it.

Don’t be afraid to really scrub this sponge.  They are pretty sturdy.  Just squeeze the life out of it.


Rinse it

 Squeeze out the excess water.


 TA-DA!  Good as new.


I recommend doing this every couple of days, and I usually replace my sponge every month.

How do you clean your beauty sponges?

Thanks for reading!


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