Mud masks are some of my favorite types of masks to use, and I am always looking for a new one to try out!  Mud masks are good for purifying and clearing the skin, and the best one that I have ever tried is the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment (the one in the white jar).  Got a full review for it here.  Now, this mask is a luxury to use from the cute packaging, to the smell, to the wonderful results you get using it.  I may have found something just as good, though!  The Sephora Collection Mud Mask.

So let’s compare the two.

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment retails for $69 for 1.2 oz of product.  It comes in a heavy white jar, and is a dark gray color with chunks of tea leaves for exfoliation.  You apply the product to your face, wait about 20 minutes until it dries, and rinse it off.  This mask has a strong minty scent, and gives a nice cool tingle to the skin.  When the mask is drying, you can actually see dark spots on your face where the dirt and oil are being pulled out of your skin like a vacuum.  After rinsing, my face feels so clean and I notice an immediate difference of tightened pores.  I purchased this mask last year, and it lasted me a good 6 months using it once a week.


The Sephora Collection Mud Mask retails for $19 for 2.03 oz.  $50 cheaper, and a little bit under twice the amount of product (just gonna throw that out there).  Now, this mask doesn’t have as cute as packaging (with the fancy stars and stuff) as the Glamglow, but it does come in a nice heavy glass jar.  It is also a dark gray color with chunks for exfoliation, and contains zinc and copper for purifying.  You apply the product to your face in a thin layer, and immediately it is very cooling and tingly.  The scent is very strong, and I noticed it right away.  It smells like a spa – kind of floral, very strong, but nothing I can’t handle.  It dries faster than the Glamglow, after about 10 minutes it was dry and I was able to see the oil and dirt extracted from my skin (same as Glamglow).  After I rinsed, my skin felt refreshed and my pores were minimized.


I would consider this a dupe for Glamglow.  The application is a little bit different (the chunks and the smell), BUT the way that it feels while it’s on and the end results are the same.  I use this mask once a week, and you only need to use a little bit for a thin layer.  This is also great for spot treating pimples (they will be significantly reduced if you leave it on overnight).

I do love the Glamglow mask, but it is really hard for me to pay the $69, especially now since I’ve compared the two.  I will definitely be repurchasing the Sephora Collection mask from now on!

Have you tried either of these masks?

thanks for reading! 🙂

11 thoughts on “GLAMGLOW Dupe?”

      1. I don’t feel like the leaves do anything either – the chunks in the Sephora mask are smaller and I feel like they at least do a little bit for exfoliation. The Glamglow chunks are just too big and weird!

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