NYX Prismatic Eyeshadows

I love a great shimmery eyeshadow. I rarely do a complete matte eyeshadow look – the sparkly my eyelids are, the better!   Recently, I have been trying out these eyeshadows by NYX called the Prismatic shadows.  I love NYX, and I’ve never been disappointed with their products.  These eyeshadows range from $6 -$7, depending on where you go.  ULTA usually has NYX at buy one, get one 1/2 off, so that is a great place to go to save a little bit of money on them.

The packaging is simple and cute, kind of like MAC shadows – except the top is silver, and there is cute bow detailing at the opening.

I have four shades to show you.  All of these shades are super pigmented and chock full of shimmer and sparkle.  The texture of them reminds me a lot of the Loreal Infallible shadows (which I love).  They are a soft, fine powder that almost have a creamy feel to them.

 From left to right:  Punk Heart, Girl Talk, Bedroom Eyes, Blue Jeans

These shadows work for me with or without a primer; they don’t crease, and they last throughout the day.  I like to apply them using my finger, or pressing them into my lids with a flat shader brush to avoid fallout.

Usually, I will put down a base eyeshadow, work a darker shade into the crease, and then put these on top.  I also LOVE how these look smudged into the lower lashline.  

Have you tried these?

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