DIY Rapunzel Braid

Another Halloween, another Disney Princess costume.  This year I’ve got two princesses, My four year old Allison wants to be Rapunzel, and my 16 month old Ashley is going to be Snow White.  While we were picking out costumes, I saw a couple of Rapunzel hair options – which weren’t that great, so I decided to make my own.

I came across a few pictures of these hair braids that you can make from yarn online.  I saw a Rapunzel colored one, but this could also work great for an Elsa costume!  Just change the colors of yarn and ribbon, and you have an Elsa braid.  Maybe we will do that next year, she hasn’t gone as Elsa yet!

What you need:


Colored ribbon



Glue Gun

Big piece of cardboard (the size of a poster board)

You’re going to start off with taping the end of the yarn to the large piece of cardboard.  Pull the cardboard to the edge of the table, and start wrapping the yarn around.  You are going to wrap the entire thing of yarn around this board.  

It should look like this when you’re done.

Take your scissors and cut the top of the yarn, making one long strand of yarn.

Secure the top of the yarn with a ponytail holder, and thread some ribbon through the top going all the way down the yarn.

Start to braid the yarn.  You might need someone to help you hold the end of the braid 🙂

Trim the top of the yarn as short as you can get it, and trim the bottom so it’s even.

Bring the top part over and secure with a ribbon.  This is where the child’s head will go, so make sure to see if it fits them before securing.  Make sure to also cover up the ponytail holder with the ribbon.

Tie a ribbon to cover up the bottom ponytail as well.

Using your glue gun, glue on the flowers and any other embellishments that you want to add.

And there you go!  A pretty Rapunzel braid fit for a Princess!  Allie loves this, and it’s just as pretty as the ones that we saw in stores (or prettier).

Hope you guys liked this DIY, let me know if you try it out!

Thanks for reading! xx

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